Below you can read a few testimonials from people I worked with that decided to share with you how their experience with hypnosis was.

I really liked the detailed explanations and illustrations of concepts on which the practice of hypnosis is based. When I expressed skepticism about one of the illustrations, Ethan was accepting and not defensive about his point of view. Because of his manner, it was easy to have trust and confidence in him. I was uncertain about my susceptibility to hypnosis, but hearing that I could better cope with my problems by learning self-hypnosis, I was eager to try it. His use of guided imagery. repetition, and feedback of my own thoughts was very effective, and I emerged from the session deeply relaxed, very pleased, and optimistic about practicing this new tool for productive solutions to life’s challenges.

Muriel Sterne, Aug 2010 – Minnesota

I had just come to realize that I needed to better market and promote my massage therapy practice, and there was a bit of anxiety about doing so.  I realized I had issues with being “successful” and other various concerns.  Doing hypnosis with Ethan proved highly effective for not only calming my mind when I would catch myself feeling overwhelmed, but since having multiple sessions, I have felt how they build on each other, and are allowing a truer version of myself to shine through.  The anxiety more-or-less faded away and I am happy to declare that wonderful people, opportunities and support have more easily flowed into my life, allowing me to create the changes I’ve long desired to.  Not to mention I’m actually enjoying the process of marketing myself now.  That’s huge!  Ethan himself is very professional and I feel he deeply desires to help others heal and grow.  I highly recommend experiencing sessions with him- it is a worthwhile investment!

Angie Englund, April 2010 – Minnesota

More will be added soon!

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