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Vitamin C vs. Betaine HCl

I’ve read it is preferred to not take vitamin C with food because it increases iron absorption and too much iron feeds cancerous cells.

Would taking Betaine HCl with enzymes also increases the absorption of iron?

Thank you for this question, you make good observations.
I take both vitamin C and Betaine HCl with pepsin daily.
Vitamin C is a very beneficial supplement. I take vitamin C on an empty stomach, 2 hours away from food.
Stomach acid (increased by Betaine HCL supplementation) is also very much needed, and is essential. It does increase the absorption of iron, but not having enough stomach acid means you’ll get too little iron and too little protein and not enough minerals.

Good Eating and Supplementing Habits

Order of Supplements and Foods:

  • Probiotics are best on an empty stomach.
  • Brewers Yeast best taken before or with a meal, but any time is also ok.
  • If you take iodine (Iosol or Lugol’s) it is important that you take Selenium. Also take vitamin C when on iodine, vitamin C will help the conversion if one is taking strictly potassium iodide. However, both Lugol’s and Iosol contain Iodine, so the C is not an absolute, but it is very useful for improve detox and when loading.
  • Vitamin D is best taken with a larger meal that contains some fat.
  • Take trans-resv + curcumin at the same time because they are synergistic together.
  • Do not take vit C at the same time as when you take resv/curcumin
  • Ecklonia Cava (Fibroboost) is best taken prior to your first meal and then again later on perhaps prior to dinner (or after if you forget)
  • This may not be important at all. If you take more than 12.5 milligrams (more than two drops) [of iosol] then take it at a different time than your probiotics. For convenience, I take several drops in water either at night or in the morning. I have very frequently taking iodine filled water with supplements during meal time and have not found it to be of an issue.

Order of Food:

  • Eat fruits before you eat your meal
  • Drink water but not with a meal, wait at least 1/2 hr before or after a meal to drink water
  • Walking after a meal helps in digestion
  • Don’t eat 2 hrs before sleeping. However, going to bed with an empty stomach is beneficial, recommended. At night, the digestion process can take up to 5 hours. By not having to digest you let your body heal at night, you’ll sleep better and just start the next day with a good breakfast. Going to bed a little hungry is beneficial.
  • Maximize the absorption of curcumin/resveratrol and all other nutrients (like brewer’s yeast) by taking them with a meal that contains a source of fat such as butter, avocados, nuts, poultry, meat, fish oil, evening primrose oil, any kind of oil, eggs, etc.
  • Increase absorption of nutrients by including black pepper and/or digestive enzymes to your meal.