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FAQ: Do Subliminal Tapes Work?

No. If you can’t hear the tapes you can’t respond to them. When they work, they do so thanks to the placebo effect.

Hypnosis tapes work because when you are listening to them you are in a trance (hypnotic sleep) where your brain wave pattern is Alpha & Theta, not actual sleep where your brain waves are Delta waves.

The placebo effect is hypnosis (i.e. if you believe something will help/heal that is a hypnotic suggestion, that produces results).

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FAQ: Is Hypnosis Sleep?

No. Brain scans performed by positron emission tomography, or PET, have shown that areas of the brain active in a hypnotized subject are not the same as those activated in a sleeping subject.

Being in a state of hypnosis actually resembles meditation more than sleep; the mind is much closer to ordinary awareness than it is to the sleep state.  We pass in and out of these brainwave frequencies when we go to sleep, and before waking up when we typically dream.

According to a recent review in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, hypnosis is

the induction of a state of mind in which a person’s normal critical or skeptical nature is bypassed, allowing for acceptance of suggestions.

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FAQ: What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Being in hypnosis (trance) is a natural, common and a normal everyday state of mind. Trance is a biological necessity, every human goes in and out of trance numerous times a day.

Since trance (being in hypnosis) is such a natural thing, one can come up with hundreds of examples. The following are are a few examples of hypnotic processes that you experience regularly:

  1. Driving & Highway Hypnosis
  2. Movies, TV & Movie Theater Hypnosis
  3. Day Dreaming
  4. Relaxing on a Beach
  5. Elevators
  6. Running
  7. Gardening
  8. Working on the Computer
  9. Reading
  10. The Missing Key Game
  11. The Disappearing Milk / Ketchup
  12. Repetitive Tasks (closing garage door, locking door, etc)
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FAQ: Is Day Dreaming Hypnosis?

Yes. Daydreaming is a hypnotic state that is much deeper than most people would realize. Daydreaming trance is a natural normal process that everyone experiences.

Find out more examples of what being in a trance (in hypnosis) feels like on, here.

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