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Good Eating and Supplementing Habits

Order of Supplements and Foods:

  • Probiotics are best on an empty stomach.
  • Brewers Yeast best taken before or with a meal, but any time is also ok.
  • If you take iodine (Iosol or Lugol’s) it is important that you take Selenium. Also take vitamin C when on iodine, vitamin C will help the conversion if one is taking strictly potassium iodide. However, both Lugol’s and Iosol contain Iodine, so the C is not an absolute, but it is very useful for improve detox and when loading.
  • Vitamin D is best taken with a larger meal that contains some fat.
  • Take trans-resv + curcumin at the same time because they are synergistic together.
  • Do not take vit C at the same time as when you take resv/curcumin
  • Ecklonia Cava (Fibroboost) is best taken prior to your first meal and then again later on perhaps prior to dinner (or after if you forget)
  • This may not be important at all. If you take more than 12.5 milligrams (more than two drops) [of iosol] then take it at a different time than your probiotics. For convenience, I take several drops in water either at night or in the morning. I have very frequently taking iodine filled water with supplements during meal time and have not found it to be of an issue.

Order of Food:

  • Eat fruits before you eat your meal
  • Drink water but not with a meal, wait at least 1/2 hr before or after a meal to drink water
  • Walking after a meal helps in digestion
  • Don’t eat 2 hrs before sleeping. However, going to bed with an empty stomach is beneficial, recommended. At night, the digestion process can take up to 5 hours. By not having to digest you let your body heal at night, you’ll sleep better and just start the next day with a good breakfast. Going to bed a little hungry is beneficial.
  • Maximize the absorption of curcumin/resveratrol and all other nutrients (like brewer’s yeast) by taking them with a meal that contains a source of fat such as butter, avocados, nuts, poultry, meat, fish oil, evening primrose oil, any kind of oil, eggs, etc.
  • Increase absorption of nutrients by including black pepper and/or digestive enzymes to your meal.