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FAQ: What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Being in hypnosis (trance) is a natural, common and a normal everyday state of mind. Trance is a biological necessity, every human goes in and out of trance numerous times a day.

Since trance (being in hypnosis) is such a natural thing, one can come up with hundreds of examples. The following are are a few examples of hypnotic processes that you experience regularly:

  1. Driving & Highway Hypnosis
  2. Movies, TV & Movie Theater Hypnosis
  3. Day Dreaming
  4. Relaxing on a Beach
  5. Elevators
  6. Running
  7. Gardening
  8. Working on the Computer
  9. Reading
  10. The Missing Key Game
  11. The Disappearing Milk / Ketchup
  12. Repetitive Tasks (closing garage door, locking door, etc)
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FAQ: Is Day Dreaming Hypnosis?

Yes. Daydreaming is a hypnotic state that is much deeper than most people would realize. Daydreaming trance is a natural normal process that everyone experiences.

Find out more examples of what being in a trance (in hypnosis) feels like on, here.

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