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Got The Sugar Blues? Duffy Has Good News!

I recently completed reading a book titled Sugar Blues by William Duffy, I picked it up at a closeout sale at a Borders bookstore for half price. I like this one, learned a few things from it and have since recommended it to a few friends. I also have largely gone on a sugar-free experiment. I also recommend you read this book, it’s a classic diet book, yet it sounds as if it was written a couple years ago, there might be a few outdated bits and pieces but again, this is a classic worth reading and has a wealth of insight to offer you. I had reduced my sugar intake for a few years, seeking to be “moderate”, this book is actually helping me far “very easily” resist sugar. I am almost sugar free these days.  I appreciate the history in this book, you will learn about the history of sugar, and other things like fermenting, sauerkraut and beer. You will learn how sugar was invented, and you will be reminded that unlike salt (so essential people used it as currency in the past) sugar is a relatively new addition to our diet. This book touched me in a positive way, and I feel it will do the same with you. You just might never look at food and eating the same way again! all good positive things!

Well, what else does the book talk about? Duffy makes it clear how he dislikes how sugar is labeled (or not labeled) on products and how it is inaccurate to lump refined sugar with other healthy carbs under the same label name. See, not all carbs are the same, but a food label doesn’t tell you that, nor does it say how much added sugar is in a product. You might be surprised to learn what I learned about brown and raw sugar products, and what they put sugar in (ketchup, mayo, dressing, etc), you’ll read about sugar and the persians, indians, crusades, and even slavery! The book is easy to read as well, well documented and sourced.

Knowing what I know now, it is difficult to allow myself to eat sugar, and I have this book to thank. This books acts as an anti-sugar vaccine or an anti-sugar booster shot. If you crave sugar simply read this book and you will no longer crave it!

Sugar is not a nutrient, it is not empty calories either, it is actually an anti-nutrient, when you eat it you are eating something that takes away vitamins from your body to rid itself of sugar..  thus Duffy defines it as a poison, and I see why.

I’ve finished the book a weak ago only, I can say no to sugar now easily, I have resisted cravings and know what it feels like to eat sugar now vs. another source of calories, and I am still learning my body’s response and watching to see how my health will improve. I am unable to tolerate sugar in things now, many things smell and taste too sweet! I do not touch or crave the junk you find at gas stations or coffee shops. Instead of sugar I eat fruits, brown rice, potatoes etc.. real healthful calories. It’s a transition, for sure, but a good and natural one. I wish I had read this book 20yrs ago, as a kid I binged on sugar and now can see how it probably had negative effects on my health.

See, the thing is, “when it comes to sugar, the secret is not moderation but avoidance.”

I wont ramble much more..

You can find it at a very affordable price on amazon

This is the book description from Amazon:

It’s a prime ingredient in countless substances from cereal to soup, from cola to coffee. Consumed at the rate of one hundred pounds for every American every year, it’s as addictive as nicotine — and as poisonous. It’s sugar. And “Sugar Blues”, inspired by the crusade of Hollywood legend Gloria Swanson, is the classic, bestselling expose that unmasks our generation’s greatest medical killer and shows how a revitalizing, sugar-free diet can not only change lives, but quite possibly save them.

and, finally: check out these reviews of the book, they are very much worth reading:


Meaningful Details That Will Change Your Perspective!, February 11, 2011

By SoleThinner “First and foremost I have to say that Sugar Blues is a passionatly written. Why is that important? Because you will also find that Duffy’s passion can potentially become yours as well.

Though the copy I bought is written in ’75, it could have easily been written in 2011. I think I found 1 fact that could have been updated, but it wasn’t important enough to recall!

There is a lot about the history of sugar, which really was more interesting than a drag to read.

After reading this book, I can say I am not inclined to have added sugar in my diet. If you are trying to loose weight and need a reason why you shouldn’t go for those Oreo’s, let this be mandatory reading for you!

Sugar Blues does not go specifically into the science of sugar and the disesases it may be linked to, though it does touch on it.”


For Responsible Adults Only!, May 28, 2000
“For weeks I walked to and from work, over one hour each way, to help drop through a weight plateau of 199 pounds. No matter what I did, including dieting, I was destined to be a 199-pounder for life! Then, one Sunday evening, I read the first few chapters of a book a friend lent me, “Sugar Blues” by Dufty. My first reaction to the information contained in it was entirely emotional: anger and disgust. Until that moment I had never given sugar a moment’s worth of thought. That Sunday evening, I felt my anger so intensely, that I promised myself that I immediately would stop my ingestion of sugar for MORAL reasons. As I read further, I wished that I had known this information years ago. I wished that I had used this information while raising my children. I am saddened that I didn’t get to the profound wisdom in this book sooner than I did. But, life is full of important lessons. This book is but lesson number one. And learning this lesson later is better than not learning it at all. While reading “SUGAR BLUES” I was also reading another book on the topic of meats. I decided to give up sugar and meats. That Sunday evening, I switched to a SWEETENER-FREE and meat-free lifestyle. On Thursday of that week I spent time between the fetal position in bed and sprinting to the washroom. I thought I had the flu, but looking back, I now realize I had what I’d describe as, “withdrawl” symptoms. 24 hours later I was feeling better. 7 days later, when I weighed myself, I received the first of many self-fulfiling rewards: I cracked my weight-loss plateau, was finally down to 190 pounds. Three weeks later, I lost another 6 pounds and was down to 184. Seven weeks later I was at 177. 10 weeks later 174. I have had to tighten my belt 5 notches! I fit into pants that I had not fit into since 1978. As of this last week, I stabilized at a weight plateau of 174 pounds. I have lost a cool 25 pounds. This book made me THINK about the quality of, and effect from, the “foods” I shovelled into my mouth. This book motivated me to read the labels before I bought. It is an absolute MUST HAVE for your home library…a MUST SHOW to friends who you care about…a book that you MUST DOG-EAR and underline, (use over and over again). It might be a good idea for you to think about buying several or more copies of this book in paper back version, (low cost), to either give away or circualte among your friends and relatives. If you do, you just might enhance your life and theirs. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts about “SUGAR BLUES”. By sharing my experience I am hoping that your life will become healthier. All the best in your decision to buy “Sugar Blues”.

In response to the above comment, a comment: Your story is my story, too! The first time I encountered the book, I was amazed. I quit refined sugar (though retained having a glass of wine a day) and dropped 25 pounds over several months. I also had potential energy I wasn’t aware of until I tried to swim across a small river near our home and did it–without effort! I remained off for two years, and then one day, while on vacation, I became full of frustration about something else, I drank an offered brandy, and within the week craved sugar. Craved. Ready to “kill.” I also began bursting my seams in just a week! I agree that sugar is a poison, contains no nutrition, and I also ask the question: why is it in everything available to eat???? I am now buying organic when I can and reading those labels. It costs us more to eat, but we will eat less and be satisfied. Whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies. O, yes, Dufty really hit it. And, there’s the additional reward of all the fascinating history he gives the reader, and the reports of the coverups of the truth over the years. Much like the meat and tobacco industries. We are human, and we are bombarded by not only advertising but by our own desire to do and have things quickly and easily. I now vow to cook from scratch and to live well. And, I hope, long, but that’s not mine to decide. (Remember the joke about Euell Gibbons, the natural foods guru? “He died from Dutch Elm disease”? ) Anyways, if you cannot solve in any other way any health problem you might have, if you are ready to shoot yourself (and also leave?), what have you got to lose? Get off sugar!! Eat and drink clean stuff. Read this book…over and over. Blessings to you. Namaste. Mikki

another response to the above comment: I would also recommend also reading the book, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig as well, an excellent book that further illustrates why sugar and other over processed (and nutrient deficient) foods are bad for us.”


Try to Quit if You Think It’s Not a Drug, November 30, 1999
By pat white (Texas) -“This review is from: Sugar Blues (Mass Market Paperback)
I read Sugar Blues years ago, and became a right-wingist, eliminating all sugar. Over the years, sugar crept back in. Now I’m doing it again because of (1) moodiness, (2) always being bloated, (3) loss of “real appetite”. Sugar in EVERYTHING (even soups and vegetables) makes it very hard to stop totally but what I remember most about William Duffy’s comments were the similarity to cocaine use when sugar was first introduced — the first sugar users brought it to parties and it was a great specialty. That hit home.

Try to Quit! It takes almost a full month for the cravings to go away. Anyone who has seen The Insiders and the power that the tobacco industry has, can understand the enormity of trying to attack the sugar industry.

AS a PS, Sugar in everything is an American phenomenon. You won’t find sugar in soups, canned vegetables, frozen dinners in Holland and the rest of Europe. WHY is it DONE to us here in America?

Pick up this book and begin to understand how eliminating ONE FOOD ITEM ALONE can change your life.”


A true health classic!, February 3, 2000
“I’m sugar-free ever since reading “Sugar Blues.” I was sluggish, moody, hungry, etc. I remembered that John Lennon mentioned Dufty’s book in an interview once. So I bought it at the local health food store. He starts off with his own sugar hell and redemption and then delves into the whole history of the cane. Very interesting, healthwise and also politically. This is the meat of the book. (The Boston “Tea” Party? More like the rum party.) I like his writing style; he keeps it homespun. (Why did some think this book needs more “hard science”? Isn’t it already in there? It’s not intended to be in a medical journal [which can’t always be trusted!].) When I tell people I’m sugar-free they usually scoff, saying sugar’s not that bad for you, why give it up completely. Well, now I wake up clear and I get through the afternoon w/o any flagging of energy. At various times of the day I’ll feel some energy racing through my body. (A great feeling; keeps me motivated.) Now I need less food on my plate, and my hypoglycemia has all but disappeared. (Think about THAT one, folks.) Never eat “refined sucrose” again! It can be done! Sky’s the limit! Thank you, William Dufty!”


I couldn’t believe that for years I was putting this, “Crack like Cocaine” food substance in my body, May 16, 2011
By Lucretia Johnson “Dimozzodotcom” (Plainfield, IL) – See all my reviews
“This review is from: Sugar Blues (Mass Market Paperback)
After reading this book. I purchased 6 more copies and immediately mailed them to family members. Also, this book responsible for me eliminating regular table sugar, brown sugar, powerdered sugar, sweetener, products that say Sugar Free, etc. I was in tears after reading this book. I couldn’t believe that for years I was putting this, “Crack like Cocaine” food substance in my body. It answers every question to, “Why am I sick?

Also, when I read that producing Sugar was one of the main reasons for the Slave Trade, I thought my God, my God! What have we been doing to our precious bodies all these centuries. The day I gave up sugar is the day my body did a total metamorphosis. See the metamorphous here – […]”


this book changed me!, January 11, 2011
By Fewbraveones “darkdruid” (NYC)
“This review is from: Sugar Blues (Mass Market Paperback)
This book is one of the best I have read on the topic of nutrition (particularly sugar). duffy’s stories lens to a good connection with the reader, and he really did his research. I truly was SHOCKED by the list that was given of all the different hypoglycemic symptoms–I had experienced almost half of the things on that list. After I read this book, I felt renewed and determined to get rid of sugar for good. I will be recommending this book to all of my friends and family members that have any interest in nutrition and eating more healthy. This is a great book to have on hand; I have looked back and re-read several sections already. A MUST-READ for anyone looking to improve their health!”


Highly Recommended for anyone who wants better health!, June 7, 2010
By Willow Behr “Willow Behr” (Cold Brook, NY United States)
“First read this 30 years ago and it’s had a profound, positive effect on our (my husband and myself) health and lives. It is the answer, in a big way, to the bulk of American’s health problems today with diabetes and obesity, to mention only a few problems that are deeply aggravated by sugar addiction.

It is based on personal experience, not theory, and the self portraits on the back page (William Dufty, sugar addict compared with William Dufty, recovered sugar addict, tell it all.”


Great political and historical expose of “big sugar” and what it does to the little guy, May 20, 2010
By Goat and Dog “Some old nobody” (Tennessee, USA) “This book was written in the 70’s, and I wish I had read it back then. I am an avowed sugar addict who is trying to amass so much information about sugar’s detriments that I’m forced to give it up. To an extent, I’m slowly getting there, but it is a constant battle. Dufty’s book, although it is not a scientific work, is an astute observation of advertising and political strategies that have allowed the infiltration of this dangerous substance into our lives, until it is in absolutely EVERYTHING. The section about how much sugar is in tobacco products was suggestive and eye-opening; he makes a suggestion that lung cancer is potentiated more by the sugar than the tobacco (using rough figures of lung cancer overseas and in the US). While this is not a scientifically-supported statement, it is worth looking into. Most of the book is a historical and political analysis of sugar’s place in the growth of the world’s consumer culture, stretching back into the days of the Crusades, when the Europeans wanted some of that Saracen sugar and would fight to get it. He points the finger at Fannie Farmer for suggesting that a little sugar added to just about every recipe would improve it. Now, 30-some years after he writes this, sugar (or HFCS, which wasn’t invented til the 70’s) is in nearly everything we buy at the store. It is more ubiquitous than spices like onion and garlic, which are added to just about every savory item in can or box or packet. His work is prescient in many ways, but also shows how constant the attitude of big commercial concerns are in their fight against inconvenient truths. A good book to start with; there is much more scientific data available now on what sugar does to the body (a lecture by Dr. Lustig on how closely the effects of fructose on the body jibe with the now-medically recognized “metabolic syndrome” is instructive). A good book to start becoming informed about the killer white crystals in your cupboard.”


If you never thought a book could do this…, April 30, 2009
By Cece “Not So Usual” (on the brink of sanity)
“I remember my mother reading The Sugar Blues when I was about 7 years old (so it must have been around 1988). I remember, even at that age, the things she explained to me as she went through our kitchen and threw out every food containing any form of sugar. We almost starved that first week, but as a result of this book and my mother’s dedication, I was probably the only 7 year old who knew all the various names for “sugar” that you will read on the back of any box of processed food. Even though we slowly relaxed our “hard core” stance on sugar, our family never resumed eating as much sugar as we had formerly. My dad’s chronic headaches improved drastically, and my mother would no longer wake up and barely be able to reach the kitchen for food before passing out. Even as a young child I had frequent headaches, and they improved for me as well. As an adult I am ready to re-introduce this kind of food-lifestyle for my own family, and the principles I learned as a child in The Sugar Blues are where I will be starting.”


Every adult should read this book, April 14, 2009
By George C. Fetko (wilmette, il United States)
“AS I first read this book years ago and got off of refined sugar. I have since reread it many times to reinforce my resolve to stay sugarfree. Refined sugar is responsible for many of today’s ills, obesity, diabetes, cavities and many others. In spite of this book and others sugar consumption in this country still remains high. It is important that mothers and fathers become aware of the dangers of refined sugar so they can teach their children to avoid it. They should also stay off sweets as an example to their children. I think that Mr. Dufty has covered his subject extremely well and I have purchased the book many times for friends and relatives.”


Great book, life changing for those who take it to heart, December 8, 2008
By J. Bernstein (New York) – See all my reviews
“After reading sugar blues I stopped eating sugar. It is difficult to do because sugar is everywhere but I spend time thinking about what I eat and try my best to ensure that it contains no sugar. I’ve gotten to the point now where I consider an orange junk food because of it’s sugar content and limit my sweet fruit intake to no more the one piece every two days. I get my vitamins and minerals from vegetables instead. My red meat intake is also greatly cut back, almost to nothing, and my protein comes from eggs, sardines, tofu, nuts, turkey, chicken, milk, cheese, yogurt, soba noodles and whey supplements (on days I work out).

The effect of this diet has been startling. I’m not tired during the day anymore even though I am sleeping six hours a night. I used to sleep 7-8 and was tired all the time. My mind is incredibly crystal clear, and I have near zero anxiety. I used have serious anxiety problems. My digestion is perfect (without getting into the gory details).

If you want to change your life, how you feel emotionally, your health, start with this book. Change your diet. You feel bad because you are poisoning yourself every day.


He helps expose sugar for what it is…POISON!, October 15, 2008
By Gnome De Plume “Zandor the Magnificent” (Outer space)

“I loved this book, I bought it after I got the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Reading the low down on what sugar, and also the fast food industries and food conglomerates have done to the health of humanity is a real eye opener!

If you have bad health, try to get rid of refined sugar and flour, stop drinking pop, eating tv dinners and drink raw milk if you can get it (try searching for sources in the US). I noticed a very good improvement in my health, as I get rid of eating sugar I have noticed my teeth are stronger, and the Rheumatoid Arthritis I had been developing in my wrist has gone away completely! This is a great book, it tells the real deal of what these huge industries are doing to the health of people just for profit.

Throw away your sugar bowl and your breakfast cereal! Kick your habit. This book exposes why you should. And, as far as the one reviewer who said he assaulted ‘Catholics’…I have no idea where they got that one from”


Sugar Blues by William Dufty, July 6, 2008
By Connie Tomlyn “CT” (Breckenridge Colorado)
“I am a Certified Holistic Counselor and I give this book to all my clients that attend my program. I teach workshops for Corporations and individuals who are interested in health and lowering health care cost.

When friends and family are willing to make lifestyle dietary changes,instead of taking a pill for depression etc, it is at that point that I suggest purchasing a copy of William Dufty’s “Sugar Blues”. Like a master he helps to uncover something some people are unwilling to face– sugar addictions,sugar and Sugar Bluesour emotions and sugar relationships with disease.

Sugar Blues has help my clients find other ways to conquer their sweet tooth. Are you comsuming 3 lbs of sugar daily? I would recommend that you read Sugar Blues.
This book is logical,easy to read and he gets us to see a wider view on what sugar really is, what it isn’t, and how it’s been misused historically.”


Chiropractor Approved, December 1, 2007
By K. A. P. PA (Springdale, AR)
“This book provides the historical motivation behind sugar. It not only inspired me to stop eating sugar but to do further research on what the FDA is really all about. I am getting this book as a Christmas present for everyone in my family and all my patients! Dr.KAP”

5.0 out of 5 stars Impressed, November 14, 2007
By Sobering Up “Brad” (Missouri)

“Written in the late 70’s this book is well documented. It is not simply the raving of one man but a voice that suffered a great deal as a result of his addiction to drugs and sugar. It is a book that tells many stories. If you take him seriously, you will be challenged as my wife and I were to change the way you do food. Enriched and fortified is everywhere. So what? It begs the age old question: can man make things better than God? Natural foods is not just a store or another choice out there. After reading this book, I have found that there are serious consquences for violating the way food was made to be eaten. In the end you will want to speak up for those who suffer ignorantly from the devastating effects of the sugar blues.”

Read more and check this book out here

There are other articles here on sugar, here’s one 140+ Reasons Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health


Vitamin C vs. Betaine HCl

I’ve read it is preferred to not take vitamin C with food because it increases iron absorption and too much iron feeds cancerous cells.

Would taking Betaine HCl with enzymes also increases the absorption of iron?

Thank you for this question, you make good observations.
I take both vitamin C and Betaine HCl with pepsin daily.
Vitamin C is a very beneficial supplement. I take vitamin C on an empty stomach, 2 hours away from food.
Stomach acid (increased by Betaine HCL supplementation) is also very much needed, and is essential. It does increase the absorption of iron, but not having enough stomach acid means you’ll get too little iron and too little protein and not enough minerals.

The Best Health Info Websites!

I have found these websites to be more trust worthy than others when it comes to nutrition/diet and health info.

Candida Albicans Dietary Guide

-::- Note: The below is being posted here for archival and educational purposes -::-

Candida Albicans Dietary Guide

Food Permitted Foods Foods Not Permitted
Sweets Unpasteurized honey, unsulfurated black-strap molasses, raw sugar sorghum by themselves or used as sweeteners. NOTE: Use in moderation! Refined sugar, candy, chocolate.
Fruits Fresh fruits only: apples, pears, apricots, bananas, cherries, grapes, guava, currants, nectarines, papaya, peaches,

plums, quince, tangerines, avocados, ripe pineapple. NOTE: Fruits should be limited to a maximum of two per day.

Canned fruit, oranges, melons, dried or candied fruits.
Juices Only fresh juices. May be selected from list of vegetables permitted, including the following green leaves: chicory, endive, escarole lettuce, Swiss chard, and watercress. Canned juices, and juices with artificial coloring or sweetening.
Beverages Mineral water, herb tea, mint tea, papaya tea, fresh vegetable


Alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks containing preservatives.
Breads Rye, whole wheat, soya, bran, whole grain stone-ground breads. NOTE: Limit to a maximum of two slices per day. White bread, bleached flour


Cereals Buckwheat, corn meal, cracked wheat, millet, oatmeal,

sesame, grits.

Refined, bleached flour, and sugar

coated cereals.

Oils Cold pressed oils, preferably flaxseed, safflower, canola or

soya lecithin spread.

Shortening, margarine, saturated oils and fats.
Nuts Fresh, raw nuts such as almonds, pecans, cashews, Brazil nuts, and walnuts (peanuts very occasionally). Roasted and salted nuts. No peanuts if patient has digestive or colon related problems.
Vegetables Raw or lightly cooked: artichokes, asparagus, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chives, corn, egg plant, endives, green leeks, green peas, green pepper, leeks, lentils, lima beans, potatoes, radishes, spinach, squash, tomatoes, wax beans, yams. Any vegetables listed under salads. NOTE: Washing vegetables in a 10% Clorox solution and rinsing well will reduce microbial growth. All canned vegetables.
Potatoes Baked, boiled, or mashed. May substitute brown rice or corn. French fried, chips, white rice.
Salads The following raw vegetables shredded or finely chopped, separated or mixed: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chicory, green pepper, lettuce, onions, radishes, Swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, and watercress. Any other. No white or cider


Seasonings Chives, garlic, onion, parsley, laurel, marjoram, sage, thyme, savory, cumin, oregano, salt substitutes such as Co-salt or other potassium salt, sea salt, kelp salt, and herbs. Spices, pepper, paprika, sodium

salt. No white or cider vinegar.

Soups Vegetable soup. Barley, brown rice, or millet can be added. Canned and creamed soup, fat stock, consomme.

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 January 2009 03:21- Written by Dr. Tel-Oren

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Probiotics for Better Health

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in the human intestinal tract. Foods “cultured” with beneficial strains of probiotics such as yogurt and kefir have been used throughout history to improve overall health and vitality, and today, there are many studies reinforcing probiotics’ ability to balance and promote digestive health.

Probiotics also play an important role in modulating the immune system, 70% of which is located in the gut. The word “probiotic” means “for life”, “antibiotics” means “anti life”. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of healthy gut flora. The benefits of probiotics don’t end there, in fact many have reported the disappearance of acne, better skin texture, better hair, the halting of male pattern baldness, ending Candida, even Fibromyalgia, migraines were stopped, and allergies and inflammation reduced by having good gut flora.

“Why take probiotics daily?” you may be wondering. Well, our modern/civilized life has been detrimental to healthy gut flora. Refined sugars, adulterated grains and foods, chemicals, medication, fluoride and chlorine in drinking and cooking water, pasteurization of milk, amongst many other factors can kill off good gut flora and/or allow less-beneficial and sometimes harmful bacteria to take over. Further, many of us also do not eat fermented foods such as sauerkraut, sourdough, kimchi, kefir, old fashion pickles, old fashion apple cider vinegar, etc.. I will address this question in future posts more thoroughly.

Many probiotic products exist, unfortunately, not all probiotics are equal, here I will list the best probiotic products, based on my research/opinion.

You may think that in order to get the greatest percentage of active (live) cultures one should buy probiotics that require refrigeration. However, this is not always the case. These probiotics need to travel and survive the journey through your stomach acids. Also, remember, more strains doesn’t mean “better”. Some of the best probiotics have 8, 9 or even 4 strains. Sometimes a single-strain solution is best.

I’ve looked around for the best multi-strain probiotic products that have the best strains, this is what I came up with:

Note: My top 4 are interchangeable. Try one for a month, if you do not see results try another from the top 4. One of these will likely work for you. If not, you have two choices you can try the other good ones listed below or (and I encourage you to do this) scroll all the way down to read about using a single-strain probiotic. Probiotics, like anything ingested produces different results in different people. .

Here are the best:

The Top 4:

1- Dr.Ohhira’s Probiotics 12 Plus
Dr. Ohhira invested years of testing on subjects and came up with a non-refrigerated probiotic supplement line.

Renowned microbiologists, lichiroh Ohhira, Ph.D., and scientists from Okayama University combined ancient Japanese fermentation skills with modern technology to create this unique beneficial product.

This one has twelve (12) strains of lactic acid bacteria, including powerful proprietary TH10, are used in a complex 3-year fermentation process. The nutrient rich cultures medium (an optimum natural pre-biotic) composed of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and seaweeds is encapsulated along with the live lactic acid bacteria. The probiotic system also includes organic acids naturally produced by fermentation. These important substances create the proper GI environment in which all the body’s unique blend of hundreds of strains of friendly bacteria can flourish.

If benefits are desired in the stomach (e.g. heartburn or an unsettling meal) the capsules may be chewed. Temporary reactions such as minor bloating or a mild laxative or constipating effect are signs that the bacteria are remodeling, detoxifying and improving the gut environment

Proprietary Fermented Culture-fermented culture medium of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweeds containing prebiotics, enzymes, bacteriocins and trace amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids 0.42 g
Proprietary Organic Acid Blend-citric acid, lactic acid, formic acid, acetic acid 1.27 mg
Proprietary Lactic Acid Bacteria Blend† 900 million CFU

Lactic Acid Bacteria used in fermentation: Bifidobacterium breve ssp. breve, Bifidobacterium infantis ssp. infantis, Bifidobacterium longum, Enterococcus faecalis TH10, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lacrobacillus casei, Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus helveticus ssp. jugurti, Lactobacillus plantarum, Streptococcus thermophilus.

Refrigeration not required

It is pricey. You can get it from here

2- The Jarrow Formulas, Jarro-Dophilus EPS, 5 Billion Organisms per Capsule, 120 Veggie Caps is very good and more affordable. This one is “Room Temperature Stable”, requires no refrigeration.

It has eight (8) Species with Clinically Documented Strains. The 8 different strains of probiotic bacteria are delivered directly into the small intestines where probiotic bacteria fully exert their beneficial effects. Probiotic bacteria in Jarrow-Dophilus EPS are selected from the following 4 genera: Lactobacillus, Bifidobacteria, Lactococcus and Pedicoccus.

Jarro-Dophilus EPS is a Stable-Dophilus due to its stability at room temperature and enteric coating which protects the probiotic bacteria from stomach acid.

Bifidobacteria longum BB536 (Morinaga strain) has been clinically shown to stimulate immune response and suppress intestinal putrefactive bacteria. L. rhamnosus R0011 is a unique, high producer of polysaccharides that facilitate colonization and stimulate intestinal immune response. L. acidophilus R0052 assists in breaking down lactose (milk sugar) which may improve digestion of dairy products by those individuals who are lactose intolerant. Lactococcus and Pediococcus help reduce spoilage caused by unfriendly bacteria in fermented foods.

Probiotic Bacteria Blend (8 Strains) 5 Billion Organisms ??? g

  • L. rhamnosus R0011
  • L. acidophilus R0052
  • Pediococcus acidilactici R1001
  • L. casei R0215
  • B. longum BB536 (Morinaga strain)
  • L. plantarum R1012
  • B. breve R0070
  • Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis R1058

You can get it from here:

3- New Chapter, Organics, Probiotic All-Flora, 60 Capsules (Ice)

This one was reported by a few to improve complexion and acne. This one contains ingredients such as the fermented soy, inulin, and apple that probably make it more effective.

This one has nine (9) live probiotic strains delivered in organic whole-food media. Organic Apples and Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin provide prebiotic nourishment to enhance probiotic benefits. A non-Dairy Base.

It requires refrigeration. Contains nine strains of live probiotics cultured together on a non-dairy whole-food medium and then combined with growth-stimulating prebiotic organic apples and organic inulin sourced from organic Jerusalem artichokes. This one includes revered probiotic strains such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and Lactobacillus helveticus, these help support optimal digestive and immune system function. When the culturing of Probiotic All-Flora is complete, the synbiotic-rich whole-food medium and live probiotics are freeze-dried together, a process that preserves their potency until consumed. Once consumed, the cultured whole-food medium and prebiotic whole foods activate the probiotics and enhance their effects. Both are part of the synergistic whole that benefits the entire digestive tract and immune system.

The Proprietary Probiotic Blend contains 35 mg of this: S. thermophilus, L. rhamnosus, B. breve, L. acidophilus, B. infantis, B. longum, L. plantarum, L. salivarius, L. helveticus

You can get it from here:

4 – Nature’s Way Primadophilus Bifidus, 90 VCaps

This one contains a 5 billion CFU dose of ” True identity bifidobacteria & lactobacilli”. True Potency ensures 5 billion CFUs per capsule for the entire shelf life. Does require refrigeration.

This one has four (4) strain formula specifically designed for adults

The 71 mg of proprietary Probiotic Blend – 5 Billion CFU, contains: Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium breve

In a response to the manufacturer said: “Primadophilus can be out of refrigeration for a few days without losing the potency. We add extra cultures to allow for the product to be out of refrigeration for shipping and manufacturing. But for long term storage in order to hold the potency the product should be stored in the refrigerator.”

You can get it from here:


Other Good Choices:

1- Sedona Labs, iFlora, Multi-Probiotic, New Formula, 60 Veggie Caps
This one contains 16 Strains & 16 Billion Cells (Per capsule at time of manufacture)
It contains 56o mg of the Proprietary Synbiotic Blend containing: Short Chain Fructooligosaccharide (NutraFlora scFOS), Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium lactis (infantis), Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactococcus lactis, Streptococcus thermophilus

You can find it here:

2- AlignGI

Doesn’t produce d-lactate or other harmful substances and has clinical research. It’s of human origin, implants well, survives acid, it’s resistant and more.

This one is pricy

Align contains Bifantis—Bifidobacterium infantis 35624—a patented probiotic strain.

Probiotic Strain: Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 (Bifantis) is the patented probiotic ingredient in Align that can help build and maintain the body’s natural defenses. Proof: Bifantis has been the subject of several clinical studies and has been featured in peer-reviewed journals. Please see for full details. Packaging: Align contains 1 x 109 (1 billion) CFUs of live bacteria when manufactured, and provides an effective level until the “best by” date on the package. Align capsules come in specially designed blister packs that ensure bacteria remain alive and effective until the date on the box. Quality and Quantity: DNA testing guarantees the purity of Align. The packaging and labeling meet all World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations by clearly stating:

Strain: Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 (Bifantis) Colony-forming units (CFU): 1 x 109 (1 billion) live bacteria

No refrigeration required.


Single-Strain Probiotics:

I will discuss these in a future article.

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